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Firefox in Mac Supports the Other Unicodes fonts then Masterpiece?

edited May 2011 in Mac
ကျွန်တော် အရင်က Mac Firefox မှာ Masterpiece ပဲ အလုပ်လုပ်တယ်မှတ်တယ်။ အခု ကျွန်တော်စမ်းကြည့်တာ Myanmar3 လဲ support လုပ်တာ တွေ့ရတယ်။ ဟို့နေ့တုန်းက fonts နဲ့ ပတ်သက်တဲ့ update တစ်ခု Mac က ပေးတယ်။ အခု Masterpiece အပြင် တခြားဖောင့်တွေရော support လုပ်ပြီလား သိချင်ပါတယ်။


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    As I tested last 2 days ago, Firefox 4 support both masterpiece n myanmar3 unicode fonts. The problem is I don't know how to type in Myanmar .. So complicated .. But to be safe on web, declare masterpiece font family at the beginning ..
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    @phoelay , firefox may support VOLT rendering font. But I recommend , masterpiece first for mac. Chrome can't use font embed for myanmar unicode. Most users are using chrome from mac. So, same like @yarzar_dot_me recommendation.
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    Thank you for your comments!! it's really helpful. I've been using since Myanmar2 in some of my works and I had little knowledge on Myanmar Unicode fonts and confused why they are not working on Mac. At least, I wish we could have options in Mac too. But I believe Myanmar genius will take them as a piece of cake. Cheers!!
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    I also don't know why Stave J dunt support .. blame webkit team .. he he .. Can anyone teach me how to type in Myanmar Unicode .. and how to use this forum .. like @username, image embed .. ect .. I'm Mr Pane Tane Tane .. :(
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