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how to decode url for unicode font

edited June 2011 in ASP / ASP.NET
I have been developing an asp application. I want to use response.charset that uses "UTF-8". I try to encode a unicode string by using server.urlencode. It is showed like this "%e3%81%a4%e3%82%". I got a problem this. I don't know how to decode url. Please, help me


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    It's called percent encoding . You may use converter js codes from to convert to-from. You can ask permission of usage of his code. He's a w3c & Unicode contributor.
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    I don't want to use js. I want to use vb script function. eg. urldecode funtion. However, thank for your reply.
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    ASP or ASP.NET ?

    Server.URLEncode is available in ASP.
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    I have been developing on classic asp. Server.URLEncode is Ok. But URLDecode build-in function have not in asp. So, I wrote customize function for url decode. The problem is this statement. Normally it is OK. Because we use default charset that is "ISO-Latin1". I changed this to "UTF-8". I already told about this(Response.Charset). Now, I got this problem. Because url decode function is not working fine. While the server catch the data in postback, the data is happening this("%e3%81%a4%e3%82%"). If the default charset is use, the data is this("%26%2312388%3B").

    Function URLDecode(sConvert)
    Dim aSplit
    Dim sOutput
    Dim I
    If IsNull(sConvert) Then
    URLDecode = ""
    Exit Function
    End If

    ' convert all pluses to spaces
    sOutput = REPLACE(sConvert, "+", " ")

    ' next convert %hexdigits to the character
    aSplit = Split(sOutput, "%")

    If IsArray(aSplit) Then
    sOutput = aSplit(0)
    For I = 0 to UBound(aSplit) - 1
    sOutput = sOutput & _
    Chr("&H" & Left(aSplit(i + 1), 2)) &_
    Right(aSplit(i + 1), Len(aSplit(i + 1)) - 2)
    End If

    URLDecode = sOutput

    I must use utf-8 and urlencodeing. So, how can I do this? Please help me?
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