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What's SSH and what can we do with it?

edited February 2012 in Mobile
I know that SSH is a remote connection between two machines. I have connected my iPad2(4.3.3 jailbroken) to my laptop in ubuntu OS through terminal by typing ssh [email protected][ip address]. Then I typed alpine to log in. But what then? What can we do there? I want to know more about SSH.


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    do you know unix command ?

    SSH is access command line to machine. You can edit , add , delete the files and folder.
    You can install packages , etc.

    If you have a full permission of iOS , you can edit some of the os resources files like languages , springboard design , etc.
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    No, I'm quite new to unix commands. From what you've said, I see that with ssh, we can edit even the system of iOS, and hack it. Is that right? I'm pretty interested, and I want to learn about this thing. Where should I start?
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    use winscp to see the file structure.

    First you need to know, what you want to do? You can search mobilesubstrate on google and you can check some of the same code from github.
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    can you clarify what "hack" means? also, take a look at "the hacker's manifesto".

    if you are new to unix commands, starting from iOS is a bad idea because there are iOS specific differences on top of standard unix stuff you must know. Not being able to identify those on sight will make it very confusing(in a nutshell,you don't know what you don't know). but if you must due to ipad portability, a good starting point is by googling "ios filetype:pdf". also this also make sure you have changed the default password. there are a few nasties that exploit this.

    your ubuntu terminal is EXACTLY the same as what you get via ssh into ipad. i really think you should start from that instead because there's more stuff written online.

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    OK, thanks a lot, now I think I'll start googling "unix commands".
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