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vb 6.0 နဲ့ dictionary ရေးတာ ဘယ်လိုမှအဆင်မပြေလို့ပါရေးတက်သူများရှိရင် ဆက်သွယ်ပေးပါ :)] 01-511451


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    ဒီခေတ်မှာ VB 6 သုံးတဲ့လူရှိသေးသလား :O
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    please state why you are having problems. if you post unfinished or non-working code, i imagine you will have a higher chance of getting what you want.

    @calmhill, ya lots of ppl are still running legacy systems. i think maybe as many as 15% of total c# users. and it's not going away yet. windows8 will still support it.

    to it's defense,it actually kinda works fine if running by itself. the problem happens only when you need to integrate with a bit more modern stuff. even then,quite painless. the real problem is setting up the environment.ide is no longer available and getting the installer took more time than i thought.
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    Using legacy systems and learning legacy tools are different. Legacy tools should only use for maintaing legacy software system. If I doubt somebody is trying to use and asking about legacy tools for learning software development, I need to suggest. And I don't think about he's trying to maintain the legacy dictionary source codes in Yangon. :D
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    a valid point but remains unproven until she said otherwise :P

    even then, it could be that she has no choice but to learn vb6. or get someone else to do it. all reasonable and second one seems better if it is for free. smart choice
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