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External Hard Disk formatted recovery

edited September 2012 in Help Desk
When I opened my External Hard Disk, it prompted to format the disk and showed "the file of directory is corrupted or unreadable". So I did format it...there were almost 400GB data on there and i would like to know how to recovery them? Could I get all that data back or only partly? Which recovery software is the best of all? I'm sincerely waiting for your kindly response. Thank you


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    mm.. if you format once, you can not get your data back basically. Please let it be.
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    Try iCare Data Recovery that includs format recovery. And now they'e giving Free License until tomorrow(Sep 18). Hurry up bro!
  • Thanks a lot for answering brothers
    I've just tried with iCare Data Recovery with the license code they gave free. But the code doesn't work...the activation code fail it said although i tried a couple time
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    Sorry for inconvenience Bro, I'm using that right now and so I recommended to you. I don't know why didn't work for you. I have tried one more time and it's still work for me. I have no idea why didn't work for you. It's okay, one more solution I found for you that to use registry file from mine. I have tested and worked. This should work if you install proper version of iCare Data Recovery for this free offer. I uploaded reg file for you. Just download reg file and after download double click and if ask something then click "Yes" and one more time click "Ok". That it bro! Good luck!

    iCare Data Recovery Standard 5.0 Registry file Only
  • I got I got it. After i took hours, I got back lots of data that I formatted. I really need them. Thanks for your very clear explanation and directions. "Thank you so much for your great help bro" :)
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    Let me know your format situation for experience.
    Did you format as quick format to external HDD?
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    Bro Konan, I have experienced it once and tried the whole night searching for the free data recovery or cracks, and nothing works (didn't find any data from formatted drive). But "Recover My Files" recovered all the data but unusable data. I hope I had asked about it here. Remember after formatting harddrive or anything, if you want to recover files , DO NOT write any new data onto the drive which may overwrite the data, and decrease the chance of successful recovery. Formatting drive just remove the files from the file table and reconstruct the file table. The data is still there but you can't see it. And it didn't remove the data from the drive instead it is removed from the file table and waiting to overwrite the data.
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    Bro darkness0zack, thanks for your warning. I didn't overwrite the data into the drive. I found some unusable files too.. I simply don't understand what are they but luckily, I got back all my data too..and they all are usable :)

    Bro ATT, yes, I formatted as quick format. and I used iCareData recovery which Bro Bagothar suggested. It took some hours to recover all my lost data :)
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    Thanks for share.
    If you fromat normally it is very difficult to recover or very expensive for data recovery.
    Quick format is dont delete data just deleting the file system information like ntfs, ext3, fat, etc. so we cant see data i think. Again thanks for information.
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