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How to remove web server version from header

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When we check the header, php version and web server version are showing. I can hide php version in the php.ini. But for the web server version, how I can hide?

If you have this experience, can you share it?

Thank you.


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    You can remove like


    or edit in php.ini

    expose_php = off
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    Thank you, Ko Saturngod. I can manage to remove php version at php.ini file. But for web server version, I can't. For Apache, I can change ServerSignature and ServerTitle at httpd.conf but for the IIS, I still can't manage. I can't use header_remove function because php version is 5.2.17. For IIS, how can I remove header? I must use software to manage it? Header information from PHP is not listed in the Header Response section, so, I can't manage from IIS manager.
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    For removing php version, need to off at expose_php at php.ini.

    For removing web server version,
    For Apache, at httpd.conf, change to below setting.
    ServerSignature Off
    ServerTokens Prod

    For IIS,
    - Install urlscan(IIS extensoin)
    - change 1 to RemoveServerHeader at UrlScan.ini
    - Add "<httpRuntime enableVersionHeader="false" />" between "<system.web>" tag at each .netframe's machine.config file.

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