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Detect, check font Xcode

edited July 2013 in iOS Devlopment
Hello everyone,
Is there a way to check which font is displaying in UILabel or something? For example, if zawgyi font is displaying, is there a way to detect zawgyi font is showing?
Can I show both zawgyi and wininwa font correctly? To show correctly, I need to set UILabel font as zawgyi or wininwa. But, I cannot know which font to set if the string is unknown type.
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    Can only check the font. If you want to check displaying , you need to do OCR or font checking system.

    You can use two font in on UILabel with NSAttributedString

    Example ,

    <pre lang="objc">
    NSMutableAttributedString *attString=[[NSMutableAttributedString alloc] initWithString:title];
    NSInteger _stringLength=[descriptionText length];
    [attString addAttribute:NSFontAttributeName
    value:[UIFont fontWithName:@Zawgyi-One size:20.0]
    range:NSMakeRange(0, 10)];
    [attString addAttribute:NSFontAttributeName
    value:[UIFont fontWithName:@Winnwa size:12.0]
    range:NSMakeRange(11, _stringLength-1)];
    [self.description setAttributedText:attString];
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    Thanks bro. I need to show either zawgyi or wininnwa on uilabel. To show, I read string from file. The problem is I don't know that string use zawgyi or wininnwa. I need to check whether it use zawgyi or wininnwa. OCR will be quite tough.
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    it's a problem. You need to write your own regular expression to detect. But it's not easy but it's possible. Myanmar character sequence and english sequence are not same. So, you can detect.
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