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how to know dynamic ip or static ip in ADSL

edited October 2013 in Networking
I want to know how to configure wifi with Static Ip ADSL MPT


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    You should read your DSL modem's manual, the configuration steps should be different on different brands. Configuration should not be difficult, you will need to key in the IP, Subnet, DNS, Authentication information and so on. These information should be provided from you ISP.
  • dayday
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    how to configure wifi with Static Ip ?

    you need to know router admin password to go inside the router configuration page. you need to know your computer MAC address to assign the static IP Address in your wireless Router. also you can use MAC address to make Wireless MAC Filtering. I want to show my router photo here. but I lazy to upload. အဓိက က ပုံ ရဲ့ အဆင့် ၄ မှာ ကိုယ်လိုချင်တဲ့ ip ကို သုံးမဲ့ ကွန်ပြုတာရဲ့ MAC address နဲ့ တွဲရိုက်ပေးရပါမယ်။ အဲဒီ လိုချင်တဲ့ Static Ip က DHCP Address range အတွင်းထဲမှာ ရှိရပါမယ်။ This is simple photo that i found from internet <img src="">; that could be help you
  • dayday
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    how to know dynamic ip or static ip in ADSL?

    some router have Auto_Detect option.
    under the Quick Setup.

    Quick Setup - WAN Connection Type

    The Quick Setup is preparing to set up your connection type of WAN port.
    The Router will try to detect the Internet connection type your ISP provides if you select the Auto-Detect option.

    Otherwise, you need to specify the connection type manually.

    Auto-Detect - Let the Router automatically detect the connection type your ISP provides.

    PPPoE - For this connection, your will need your account name and password for your ISP.

    Dynamic IP - Your ISP uses a DHCP service to assign your Router an IP address when connecting to the Internet.

    Static IP - This type of connection uses a permanent, fixed (static) IP address that your ISP assigned.
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    If I Forget Static IP Assigned from mpt can i do

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