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Linux Ebook Recommendations

I want to learn Linux, and work with Linux skills. What skills are necessary to get a job? Instead of Linux from Scratch, I will like to focus on a specific skill that is easy to get a job. Which books should I read? Recommend books from Amazon for me please.

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    What kind of thing do you want to learn ? Linux is just OS. You can do so many things.
    Basic is try to know the most of the command line and vim . If you don't know how to use vim , you can't edit text well on terminal.

    Linux is very wide and which one do you want to learn exactly ?

    Linux also so many distro (Ubuntu, Debin, Fedor, Redhat, CentOS) and which distro do you want to know ?

    Do you want to learn shell script ?
    Do you want to be system administrator ?

    Job ? What kind of job do you want to do ? Web developer also using linux. Normal user also user linux. Enterprise also using linux. Google , Amazon and Facebook are also using Linux.

    This is very wide question and we can't answer and can't recommend any books.

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    I am interested in cloud computing, virtualization, and later, kernel development. But the problem is that I'm desperate for a job right now. Any kind of job related to Linux is fine for me. I want to start with the ones easier to master, and go for the difficult ones later. I have some basic Linux skills.

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    I've a book called Running Linux by O'Reilly (1995). It is very old, and some are not related to modern Linux anymore, like using LILO boot loader. I checked the latest version and it was published in 2005. Has anyone read this book? Is it good or bad. I'm thinking about buying that book, but I'm not sure whether it is up-to-date.

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    I just want to advise as far as I know.

    1. You should start learning Linux OS with Ubuntu which you can get plenty of sources even in local. ( There are many Ubuntu groups in Myanmar and well known supporter is Ko Ko Ye.)

    2. You should go advance to Enterprise Linux by learning Red Hat which is mostly used in many Enterprises and NGOs. ( Sources are as plenty as Ubuntu )

    3. If you have well experiences with Ubuntu and Red Hat, then I hope you will see the way where you should and can go through as you get well knowledge on Linux by learning ... learning ... and learning.


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    Use LinuxOS in your daily work as much as possible.
    I want to recommend to use Ubuntu.
    When you become understand in Linux, start learning using CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide.
    It'll cover LX0-101 and LX0-102.

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    I am very very new to Ubuntu that I don't know how to use it. What am I Support to do? Please, help and point out. I don't even know how to install a App on Ubuntu. I want to use Microsoft Office apps on Ubuntu. Anyone pls.

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    @Devil13 => Ubuntu has libreoffice for word processing. It's working, although It won't be perfect. Libreoffice is a suitable alternative of Microsoft Office

    If you must need to use Microsoft Office, why don't try wine

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