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Delegate and ViewController

edited July 2014 in iOS Devlopment

What means delegate and view controller used like that "_delegate" and "_viewController"?



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    I think , your question is about _ in variable

    _variable is a variable name for your local class. It's mostly same with self.variable .

    different between self.variable and _variable is

    self.variable is calling from getter and setter method. _variable is directly access to variable.

    Example :

    when you call self.myvariable , it will call to

    - (void)setMyvarilable :(NSString *)val
       _myvariable = val;
    - (NSString *)myvariable
       return _myvariable;

    Something , we use like this for NSArray

    - (void)setMyArray:(NSMutableArray *)arr
        _myarray = arr;
    - (NSMutableArray *)myarray
        if(_myarray == nil )  _myarray = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
       return myarray;

    So, it is more safer than _myarray.

    So, when you put

    [self.myarray addObject:@Hello];

    You don't need to check array is nil or not. Because we put it on getter method.

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    Oh,I got it. Thanks bro :) :) :)

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