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YEs, I am a new member, But I am losing my way to Future. Please guide Me.

Sorry for not typing with Unicode which I am not so familiar with that. Here I would like to discuss how can I motivate my self to enter to IT environment again.
Last 5 years ago, I was really tried to be a web developer or programmer. I learned Web Development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, PHP, Java, etc... that concerned with web development. I studied likes a crazy without sleeping for many nights to be a good developer, I tried to create web page with own design and own coding. But some of my family condition, I was about to give up to be a developer. Time was loosing with struggling for money with my another professional, Administration.
Now, I can stand my foot and no need to worry for any other concerns. So again, my hobby and ambition is coming up to my mind everyday that I want to be a developer. I just want to work with IT professional and I don't want to give up what I want to be ever. But I feel depression that I feel like I am really away for IT environment. No friends from IT environment and I have nobody to discuss and to guide me how can I follow to the stream of IT environment.

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    Don't worry bro. For web development, you can learn from online when you have a free. Download some book and read it.

    Try to write some blog. Design your blog with your own template. Example , I am using wordpress and wintersmith for blog. I created my own template for my blog. It made me learn a lot of new things. Try to learn yourself instead of attending the course. Try to make some website for your portfolio.

    If you want to do web development, try to get the job in that field. When you start working , you may depress again because of salary is not much. After you have a experience , you can get more high salary easily.

    Now, web development has been changed. Last five year , HTML5 , CSS 3 is not ready and now it's ready and all the websites are using it.

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    စမ်းလေ ကျွမ်းလေ လို့ သဘောထားပြီး တော့သာ လိုက်လုပ်ကြည့်။ HTML5 basic ကနေသာ စကြည့်။ အဆင်ပြေမှာပါ။ နေ့မနား ညမနား လုပ်ဖူးတယ်ဆိုတော့လေ။ :D

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    The same thing was happened to me. I got back my profession after 7 years. So don't give up. You will get it soon. =D>

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