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Mail was not sent on Ubuntu server


I have set up a web server on digital ocean with ubuntu 12.04. And I tried to send email from website that hosted on my web server, but I didn't receive any email (already checked in inbox and spam). I used the following scripts to test php mail() is working or not.

    ini_set( 'display_errors', 1 );
    error_reporting( E_ALL );
    $from = "[email protected]";
    $subject = "PHP Mail Test script";
    $message = "This is a test to check the PHP Mail functionality";
    $headers = "From:" . $from;
    if( mail($to,$subject,$message, $headers) ) {
        echo 'Email has been sent!';

This script was run successfully and didn't see any error messages. Plesae anybody suggest me how to approach this problem.

Moe Ko



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    I think you haven't installed any Mail Transfer Agent. You can use Postfix.

     sudo apt-get install postfix
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    1. Need to install postfix
    2. If you send to gmail , check in the SPAM folder
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    I've already installed postfix. And checked to run 'postfix start' in terminal that says it's already running.

    I also checked in /var/log/mail.log ... please see in the attach for mail log.

    Thanks Ko @CalmHill‌ and Ko @saturngod‌

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    because you are sending to gmail. Gmail may not accept from PHP server postfix mail. try to send to yahoo or outlook mail.

    You need the SPF record for sending to gmail.

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    Your postfix is using amavis and amavis has a problem. Check amavis or disable amavis and try again. If you want me to check for you, please show me /etc/postfix/ and /etc/postfix/

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    Ko @saturngod‌

    I tried to send to other email address (not gmail). But still didn't received any mail from website. When I checked mail log, the result is -


    Ko @CalmHill‌

    I stopped amavis '/etc/init.d/amavis stop' and tried to send email again. But it still not working. Please take a look my /etc/postfix/ and /etc/postfix/


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    Postfix မှာပြဿနာတက်နေတာပါ။ ကြည့်ရတာ Postfix ကို Install လုပ်တုံးက Config မှာ တခုခုမှားခဲ့တယ်ထင်တယ်။ ၂ မျိုးစမ်းကြည့်ပါ ပထမဆုံးအနေနဲ့ မှာ နောက်ဆုံး ၂ လိုင်း (Line 95, 96) ကို Comment လုပ်လိုက် ပြီးရင်တော့ Postfix ကို Restart လုပ်ပြီးစမ်းကြည့်။ အဲဒါမှမရသေးရင် Line 41 ကနေ အဆုံးအထိကို Comment လုပ်ပြီးတော့ Postfix ကို Restart လုပ်ပြီးတော့ ထပ်စမ်းကြည့်ပါ။

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    ရသွားပြီ ဦးကန် :D

    Install လုပ်တုန်းက ဘယ်လိုလုပ်ရသလဲဆိုပြီးရှာ၊ တွေ့သမျှကို copy / paste လုပ်ပြီးသွင်းလိုက်တာ၊ အခုပြသနာတက်တာပဲ။ နောက်ဆို သေချာဖတ်ပြီး၊ နားလည်မှပဲ လုပ်ပါတော့မယ်


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