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Ring Plus offers free international calls to World Wide.

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Just in time for your festive calls need, we found a provider who would let you make absolutely free voip international call in lieu of advertisements.

I mentioned this many times that VOIP Providers are now moving towards the advertisement based model to cover up cost and if possible make some profit out of the free international calls service.

Ring Plus is one of the latest entrants in the free international calls space. They provide totally free international calls service to any country in the world (assume that some premium numbers are blocked, most likely calls to africa/UK mobile would be blocked). It's not one of those quick start scam free calls services like evaphone. Evaphone is probably the biggest scam ever hit the Free VOIP space. Seriously their 5 secs of free international calls is a joke.

Ring Plus however allows you to make calls to many countries and each call can last upto an hour. Ring Plus basically replaces the ring tone with advertisement, so when you make calls with Ring Plus. Ring plus tries to connect to your calling party but instead of you hearing a ring on their phone, you hear the advertisement which is basically replacing the ring, thereby cutting down the wait time for you. The call is then connected and you can talk for upto 1 hour. I am sure this varies with destination.

However there is a catch. You need to literally open your personal information to Ring Plus. Very similar to Plumble which hijacks your conversation. Ring Plus asks for personal information in order to personalise your Advertisement. If you are a college student, be ready to listen to College Loan Consolidation Service Ad.

Ring Plus is only available in the USA and I would say they would restrict to USA only. We strongly suggest you give them a try and let me know your experience with Ring Plus.


Please Try by Skpe .. Skype can make call to most of the Tollfree line in USA..

When you register to the website u will get the following mails.

Thank you again for subscribing to our phone service. We have several local access numbers in the United States (see list below).

Your account number is xxxxx

Your PIN is xxxx

Your website access password is xxxxxx

United States
16023549454 PHOENIX AZ
15203420125 TUCSON AZ
17143332465 ANAHEIM CA
19162530801 LINCOLN CA
13033300984 DENVER CO
12024460316 WASHINGTON ZONE 1 DC
12025521002 WASHINGTON ZONE 1 DC
15613002282 BOCA RATON FL
13214452691 ORLANDO FL
18502890148 PACE FL
18503920225 PANAMA CITY FL
19416550085 PUNTA GORDA FL
18138646270 TAMPA FL
12089062305 BOISE ID
12087580001 COERDALENE ID
12089620051 COTTONWOOD ID
12086757050 TYGEE VALLEY ID
13122534879 CHICAGO ZONE 1 IL
13233752190 LOS ANGELES: DA 02 LA
14436922154 BALTIMORE MA
18573621613 BOSTON MA
17632448002 CAMBRIDGE MA
13202897025 APPLETON MN
12185357090 BATTLE LAKE MN
13203967001 BRAHAM MN
13138997882 DETROIT ZONE 1 MN
16512127093 RED WING MN
13147359233 ST LOUIS MO
17044055577 CHARLOTTE NC
12016044647 JERSEYCITY NJ
17025533075 LAS VEGAS NV
16466520143 NEW YORK CITY ZONE 1 NY
19174643078 NEW YORK CITY ZONE 1 NY
13309401870 AKRON OH
12169204368 CLEVELAND OH
16147546534 COLUMBUS OH
15033340859 PORTLAND OR
14123607852 PITTSBURGH ZONE 1 PA
19015620702 MEMPHIS TN
16153699461 NASHVILLE TN
12142698556 DALLAS TX
12814040444 HOUSTON TX
15126002032 ROUND ROCK TX
12105470272 SAN ANTONIO TX
18016182174 SALT LAKE CITY UT
18042051876 RICHMOND VA
12064205904 SEATTLE WA
15099310416 SPOKANE WA

390240708197 MILAN ITALY

You will now be able to phone a local access number, and from this point on you may phone all over the world for free. The duration of the free call before it is interrupted may change daily. This is the nature of the beta testing process. Our goal is to provide you unlimited free-call time, and we need your help to do so. Please tell your friends and family to subscribe to our service because the more subscribers we have the more free time we can offer you.

Ring Plus is a free-spirited telephone community in which we all interact in an environment of trust, honesty, and respect. We encourage our members to notify us (and refrain from) any offensive or otherwise inappropriate behavior. Please feel free to invite your family and friends as new members are always welcome. Please insure that your profile is accurate so that you dont have to listen to messages which are not of interest to you.

It is strictly forbidden to use this telephone service for commercial use, as this may harm our entire community.

Thank You


Thanks and pls feedback here about your experience and opinion for Ring Plus.

Harlicupar !!!! :101::101::101::101::101::101::101::101::101::101::101::101::101::101:


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    ဟိဟိ ။ သိပ်နားမလည်သေးဘူး ။ နောက်မှ အေးအေးဆေးဆေးဖတ်တော့မယ်။
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    Hi guys,
    I recently stumbles across a site called Map Your number ( after having searched many different sites for a really cheap and effective way to call my family and friends abroad I believe this to be the best. These guys put all their calls through BT which means that you will receive the highest quality connection possible. This service doesn’t require you to subscribe, get a calling card and you don’t even need a credit card. All you need to do is get onto their website and follow three simple steps and they will have you up and running within minutes. They offer the cheapest rates available.

    Good Luck guys, give it a go and see what you think!
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