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FreeRinger offers Free International Calls to 30 countries

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FreeRinger is a calling service which allows you to make FREE calls to telephone numbers (in more than 30 countries throughout the world) right from your web browser.

No Downloads
Make worldwide calls with absolutely no software downloads or installation.

Making calls
That's pretty straightforward process. Enter your friend's phone number in international format (starting with the country code) and press Call.
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Never pay for your calls
No credit cards, no catches, no limits! You would ask how is it possible? Well, the answer is simple, we send calls over Talkster award-winning network, which now covers so many countries.
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Receiving calls from regular or internet (SIP) phones
When your friend dial a Talkster number for you, then our application will ring. Just accept this call and talk as much as you like. That's simple.
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Speed dial hyper links
Just type into your browser and hit enter. Voila, your call is placed. Also you can easily bookmark your favorite calling destinations.
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Embed FreeRinger into your website with one line of code
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Making calls:

1. Enter your friend's phone number in international format: country code followed by area code followed by local number. Examples: 16502345678 is for USA/California, 442012345678 is for UK/London.

2. Press Call button. If this phone number is not yet listed on your roster, a subscription process will be initiated and new contact created.

3. Upon success a new Talkster number will be allocated for your friend to reach you back on the web. A phone call will be placed to your friend's phone number and you will hear a voice prompt informing you on call progress.

4. Once connected, you will have 10 seconds to tell your friend to call you right back to their Talkster number, while you are staying on hold and waiting. Your friend will learn their Talkster number from: a) SMS message sent during subscription, b) CallerID displayed to them, c) you can tell them their Talkster number.

5. After your friend calls you back, the system will connect you both again and you may talk as much as you want.

6. Press Hangup button at any time to terminate your call.

7. Click on a contact and press Call to initiate another call to same number.

8. Double-click on a contact to edit contact details or to view associated Talkster number.
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Enjoy... making call ..

Harlicupar !!!:101::101::101::101:


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    bro ... ရေ ကျေးဇူးပဲဗျာ ........ ဟဲဟဲ sms free ပို့လို့ရမဲ့ ဟာလေးရော မရှိဘူးလားဗျ... ရှိရင်တင်ပေးပါဦးနော်.... :5::5:\:D/\:D/
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