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Windows vista

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Speedy boot
For those of you who have dual or quad-core processors,there is a way you can speed up the boot-up process.
By default Windows Vista is configured to use just one processor during boot up,even if you have more than one.This can be changed to improve the computer's performance.Left-click on the Start Menu,type msconfig.exe and hit Enter.Click on OK when the user Account Control window appears and a windows will appear called System Configuration.Click on the boot tab and then click the Advanced options button.Tick the Number of processors check box and then select the number of processos you want Vista to use when booting up.You'll be prompted to reboot to make the changes take effect.



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    Thread အသစ် မဖွင့်ချင်တော့လို့ပါဗျာ။ အခု Windows Vista Home Premium ထဲမှာ လိုချင်တဲ့ software တွေ အားလုံး တင်ထားပြီးချိန်မှာ Recovery Disc ခုတ်ရင် နောက်တစ်ခါ Recover လုပ်တဲ့အခါ ပိစိပွစိ ဟိုဟိုဒီဒီ software တွေ ဖြည့်စရာမလိုတော့ဘူးလို့ ကြားဖူးပါတယ်။ :39: အခု Recovery လုပ်မလို့ System BackUp လုပ်တဲ့ အခါ Data Recovery ပဲ enable ပေးလို့ ရပါတယ်။ System files တွေ လုံး၀ မပေးပါဘူး။ :w ဘယ်လို လုပ်မှ အဲဒီ System Recovery ရမလဲဗျာ။ :77::77::77: ဖြေပေးကြမယ်လို့ မျှော်လင့်လျက်ရှိပါကြောင်း
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    You can use Acronis True Image Echo Entrprise 9.5(Workstation). that software can image whole HDD image of WinVista. If you want to know how to use that software let me know and I will send how to use pdf file to you. software can buy in Active CD shop.
    my mail is [email protected]
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