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About Google

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I think we use google's various applications. But we don't know most of google features. Let we discuss about google in this treat. If I write mistake, known person(admin & Mor) correct it. I share some knowledge that I know about google. Free space for gmail given by google=7GB, For upload photos, we can use "pisaca" and I'll find more facts. Please known people give knowledges to know about google for more purposes.


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    11 Interesting Google Interface You Never See Before
    ကျွန်တော်တို့ရဲ့ web ဖေကြီး ကိုဖွင့်ပါ
    တဲ့မဆိုးဘူးဗျ စမ်းကြည့်တာ ဘယ်လိုလဲဆိုတော့ဗျား
    အောက်က Keyword လေးတွေရိုက်ထည့် ပြီးရင် I am feel Lucky
    Keyword တွေက
    1. google gothic ဒါလေးကိုရိုက်ပြီး I am feel Lucky ဒါလေးကိုနှိပ်ကြည့်လိုက် cheese l33t
    6.bsd ewmew klingon piglatin easter egg (ဒါလေးလည်းကောင်းတယ်) bork
    စမ်းကြည့်လိုက်နော် ပျော်ဖို့ကောင်းတယ်ဗျ
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    ကျေးဇူးပါကိုဂျစ်ပစီ။ နောက်ထပ်သိတာရှိရင်လည်းပြောပြပါဦး။ မင်မင်မော်မော်တွေလည်း ကြည့်မနေကြပါနဲ့နော်။ ကြောပေးကြပါဂျာ။
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    Another thing is that google knows about us. We use google for much of our things. Google owns our identity.
    This is the 16 things google know about us....
    1. My Full Name
    2. My Physical Street Address
    3. My Phone Number
    4. When I’m Online
    5. My Latest IP Address
    6. My Popular Interests
    7. Every Website I Visit
    8. My Daily “To Do” List – if you use Google Notebook.
    9. My ScheduleGoogle Calendar.
    10. Who I Know
    11. What I SayGoogle Talk
    12. What Stocks I Own – my stock portfolio setup in Google Finance
    13. My Bank Account and Routing Number (also credit card number<if u use google check out>)
    14. Everything About My BlogGoogle Analytics tracks the stats for my blog and Google Webmaster Tools hosts my XML sitemap. So they know what I’m publishing, how popular it is, and who’s reading it.
    15. What I Look Like – Google’s Picasa Web Albums.
    16. Where I Exist Online

    Source: hxxp://
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    the another useful google stuffs are known as googledorks
    (most of the hackers take as their advantages by using the google dorking for their hackings)
    u can read detail in this post
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