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English-Myanmar Dictionary using ornagai db

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I've written this English-Myanmar Dictionary using ornagai db in last year.

Screen Shot

File Name: English-Myanmar-Dictionary
File Size: 2721 KB
Download :
Pictures (Optional) :
File Size: 53,470 KB
Download :
Voices (Optional)
File Size: 27,571 KB
Main Features:
1.Easy to use (Search the word when you typing)
2.voices supported(Computer's voice and human's voice)
4.You can add/edit or remove words.

Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 and above.
- Tested on Windows XP Professional SP2 and Windows 2000 Professional SP4 on a tablet PC.

This program use modified version of tab delimited database file (entab.tsv) from (
written by saturngod.
Many efforts have been made for this program to be sure it works fine.

No one is perfect, especially me. if you found some bugs, please let me know them with full details.
If it is Database related problem, you can even add/edit database file your self.
(You can see database "entab.tsv" file in the program folder).
For example:
If you found a word "applf" instead of "apple".Just open database file in a text editor and edit it.
If you can't find a word/new word "Aung San".Just open database file in a text editor and add it.
(When making a new line, Press SHIFT+ENTER Key instead of ENTER Key)
Since database is just a plain text file, any one can edit contents of the file.
Each word is separated by a TAB. Just make sure you save the edited file with UTF-8 encoding.

Pictures are located in "Picture" folder. You can add/remove pictures your self.

Human Voice files are .mp3 files and located in "Voice" folder. You can add/remove voice files your self.

In order to use Pictures, We need to add pictures to 'Picture' folder.
I added more than 4600 pictures in this release. Help needed for collecting pictures
from internet (avoid copyrighted pictures if possible).

How to add your own pictures :
For Example: Word = "apple"

1. collect a picture from internet(an apple picture in this case).
2. give it the name "apple.jpg", because the Word is "apple" (you must save picture with ".jpg" extension).
3. resize or crop the picture around (height 175, width 250).
When save choose low jpeg quality to reduce file size (if possible).
(I resized pictures to W-200 and H-150, most of the pictures have less than 10KB).
4. Place the picture in "Picture" folder. Done!

No Help file
There is no HELP file available at the moment. This program is very simple to use and i don't think it is necessary.
But every program should have a Help or Using Manual file.
If someone can write a help file for this program in Burmese or English.
I will include help file in future releases. You can write text in MS Word and I will convert to help file ".hlp" or ".chm".

To be honest, I can't make all words, pictures and sound files my self and test all words,pictures,sounds files are correct.

I made this program in my free time and it will be always free of charge.
You can use in personal or commercial, you can redistribute it if you want.

Hope it useful for someone!


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    Voice (Optional) ဒေါင်းပြီးတဲ့အကို/အမများ အနော့်ကို
    မီဒီဖိုင်းရားနဲ့ ပြန်တင်ပေးကြပါလားဗျ။
    ဖော်ရှဲယားက resume မရတဲ့အပြင် ဒေါင်းရတာ အရမ်းနှေးနေလို့ပါ။
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