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သားသား မီးမီးများကြောင့် computer ပျက်မှာ မပူရ

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သားသား မီးမီးများကြောင့် computer ပျက်မှာ ကြောက်နေလား ???

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သူငယ်ချင်းတွေကို စချင်လဲ ရတယ်လေ...


Hide Tools Child Controls v3.8.4
Hidetools Child Control is a complete and easy in use program designed to prevent children from accessing adult-oriented web sites, useless games, forbidden applications and monitor unwanted activity.
Hidetools Child Control allows you to block any web site or windows by keyword, common Internet applications, selected programs. The program also invisibly tracks your child forbidden activity: web sites visited, programs executed, files viewed. lock Web Sites.
  • Block Web Sites. Protect your child from adult-oriented web sites. The program blocks each web site contains in a title obscene words. You can yourself add words in the list and edit present ones.
  • Block Internet Applications. Forbid Internet applications run and your child can’t spend all time serf Internet or chat. Hidetools Child Control blocks any Internet application (Web Browsers, Chats, and Messengers). For example: Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, MIRC, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Skype. If your child uses another Internet application you can block it as a program.
  • Block Program. Limit your child in games or any program. Hidetools Child Control disables selected programs.
  • Block Windows. Limit access to your personal folder or file. The program blocks any windows you don’t want to be executed by your child.
  • Monitor Forbidden Activity. Track that your child does on computer. Hidetools Child Control allows you to see obscene web sites visited and forbid applications, files executed.
  • Invisible Mode. Hidetools Child Control can work in invisible mode and your child can’t determinate it.
  • Password Protection. Kids can't uninstall, change settings, or close the program without the password that you set.
  • Hotkeys. Hidetools Child Control can be easy called or activated/deactivated by customizable hotkeys.
  • Windows Vista. Hidetools Child Control was designed for Windows Vista/98/2000/XP

Download Link :

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