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Swipe feature like Facebook App

edited May 2013 in iOS Devlopment
Hello everyone,
I have found out for swipe feature and I can use it in my app.
But the problem is that when i use, I need to change my root view controller like this in Appdelegate.m . <br>
<pre lang="oc">
YBSwipeViewController *swipeRootViewCntrlr = [[YBSwipeViewController alloc] initWithMainViewController:mainNavigationCntrlr menuViewController:menuNavigationCntrlr];
self.window.rootViewController = swipeRootViewCntrlr;
</pre> <br>
As a result, my original viewcontroller is not working. My original viewcontroller is linked with other controller. I can still swipe. But when viewcontroller need to call from other class, the application crush. I would like to know how to do.


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    did you try

    I don't know what you mean of "need to call from other class, the application crush"
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    I have created app with viewController like this in AppDelegate.
    <pre lang="oc"> self.window.rootViewController = self.viewController; </pre> <br>
    I have linked that viewController with other viewControllers (for eg. to save bookmark). Now, I need to change root view controller as
    <pre lang="oc"> YBSwipeViewController *swipeRootViewCntrlr = [[YBSwipeViewController alloc] initWithMainViewController:mainNavigationCntrlr menuViewController:menuNavigationCntrlr];
    self.window.rootViewController = swipeRootViewCntrlr;</pre> <br>

    As a result, when it save bookmark, it crush. If the viewcontroller just use the function locally (like browsing), the app is not crushed. How should I do bro?
    The problem is due to changing root view controller. If I just use my own view controller (instead of using view controller for swiping), it is okay.
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    I think I know that error. Originally I have this. I forgot to put initWithManagedContext.
    <pre lang= "oc">
    self.viewController = [ViewController alloc] initWithManagedContext:[self managedObjectContext autorelease];
    self.window.rootViewController = self.viewController;

    But there is another one. I need to use setting view controller like this. I can go to that view by using push view controller and click button or do function in setting view controller.

    Now, I only see settingViewController and cannot do function in settingViewController.

    <pre lang="oc">
    SettingViewController *menuViewCntrlr = [[SettingViewController alloc] init];
    UINavigationController *menuNavigationCntrlr = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:menuViewCntrlr];
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    I really don't get it what error you have a problem.

    For me,

    1. Create Main View Controller
    2. Create navigationcontroller and init with main view
    3. create side bar controller
    4. sidebar.mainview = navigtaioncontroller
    5. create swipe view controller with main view and side bar
    6. side bar click , sidebar.mainview push
    6. side bar click , change main view controller at swipe view
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    Hee..sorry bro... it is quite difficult to explain. It is because I am modifying the existing project and importing to get swipe feature.
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