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PHP for Apple Push Notification

I want to use push notification for chatting message from iphone to another iphone.
I want to know how much php need for apple push notification?
And how much database table need?
Thanks in advanced.



  • Administrators

    "how much php need ?" What do you mean ?

    how much database table need ?

    base on your code. Mostly I use only 1 table for push notification. I add push notification list to the table. Background php code is checking and sending the push notification message per rows.

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    Yap, I got it. Thanks.
    And I want to know push notification can use with GCM right?
    How is it?Is it good?

  • Administrators

    GCM ? google cloud messaging ?

    Not same. Android and iOS are different code.

  • Registered Users

    I mean gcm and apn.What way is better?

  • Administrators

    GCM for android.
    APN for iOS .

    What the mean is better ?

    It's a different things. You need to write different code.

  • Registered Users

    I heard GCM can also use for iOS.Is not true?
    And I want to know how to send multiple push notification.Now, I send the push notification but just can be seen latest noti.Can't seen all noti.

  • edited June 2014 Administrators

    Do you want to use GCM for iOS ? it's more complex than normal way. You can read detail at

    do you want to broadcast ? I think , apple didn't support broadcast. You need to open the socket connection and sent it. But something , it can lose the some notification.

    For me, I am running background php app and break 1 seconds for 1 push notification

    Socket open
        loop all the notifications
            send push notificaiton
            check result
            if result is empty or error
                close connection
                create new connection and send again
           sleep 2 seconds
           send next push notification
  • edited June 2014 Registered Users

    For example, I have 3 new noti while offline. When I open online, noti is come in banner bar but just seen the last noti.That's the problem.I can't see before 2 noti.I mean "How to send mutiple push notification in a single request"? Ofcourse can send multiple push notification in multiple request.
    Sorry for my poor english :D

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