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Adding apple push notification found error

edited June 2014 in iOS Devlopment

I distributed my app before with Xcode iOS wildcard app id so I created another app id to add APNs.
When I reached this step:

$ openssl s_client -connect 
    -cert PushChatCert.pem -key PushChatKey.pem
Enter pass phrase for PushChatKey.pem: ************

The following error occurred:

error setting private key 
1111:error:0B080074:x509 certificate routines:X509_check_private_key:key values mismatch:/SourceCache/OpenSSL098/OpenSSL098-50/src/crypto/x509/x509_cmp.c:406:

Please help me!!!!



  • edited June 2014 Administrators

    Private is mismatch. Remove the private key from keychain and generate private key and push notification again.

    Download push notification certificate and double click the file. You should see Private Key and Public Key pair for push notification.

    And then try again.

    If you have a problem , select Public and Private key from KeyChain , export as P12.

    So, it will be like

    openssl s_client -connect 
        -cert PushChatCert.pem -key PushChatKey.p12
 is for development. So, you need to generate Development Push notification certificate.

  • Registered Users

    key is already in keychain access like:

    iphone Distribution:myCompany(certificate)

    But I added another key and select public and private key and export, this error occurred:

    "An error has occurred.Unable to export an item.
    An invalid key was encountered."

  • Administrators

    Please delete the private key and public key.

    And then start again.

  • Registered Users

    now, I found this error:
    "Failed to get token, error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3000 "no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application" UserInfo=0x15ef5520 {NSLocalizedDescription=no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application}"

  • edited June 2014 Administrators

    After generate new Push Notification Certificate , you need to regenerate the Development Provisioning .

    Remove the old provision certificate first. And then install the new one ( regenerate download provision ).

    iOS Provisioning Portal -> Provisioning -> Your cert -> EDIT -> Make an edit -> Download new provisioning
  • Registered Users

    I made new provision profile and that didn't work.The error can not fix yet :(

  • Administrators

    are you using development certificate for push notification ?
    what error ?

    Did you test with PHP or other language instead openssl ?

    For mac app , I am using

  • edited July 2014 Registered Users

    Yes,I made provision profile with development certificate.When I get device token this error "aps-environment' entitlement string found for application" occurred.And then my provision profile in organiser tab show me "valid signing identity not found".

    I used for iPhone app.

  • Administrators

    Did you chose the correct Provision profile in Build Setting ?

  • edited July 2014 Registered Users

    Yes, I chose.

    Code Signing Identity:
    Debug => iOS developer,
    Any iOS sdk => iPhone Developer: name (),
    Release => iOS developer,
    Any iOS sdk => Don't Code Sign

    I made provision profile with that iPhone developer certificate.

  • edited July 2014 Administrators

    Did you find the correct code sign like

    You should chose identifier from profile instead of Automatic

  • edited July 2014 Administrators

    It's not a problem . You can delete it on your device.

    aps-environment entitlement string found for application only occur

    1. You use old provision profile after enable the push notification
    2. Wrong App ID
    3. Didn't select the correct provision profile
    4. Duplicate or more than Provision Profile

    To Fix :

    1. Re generate and re download
    2. Check push notification APPID and your project app id is same or not .
    3. Select all the development Provision profile for testing
    4. Remove Provision profile with iPhone Configuration Utilities or XCode > Preference > Account > View Detail > Refresh

    That all is possible.

  • Registered Users

    I can't refresh account!!!
    It said:

    "The password supplied for the account “email” was rejected.
    Please make sure that your password is correct in the Accounts preference pane."

  • Administrators

    So, try to use iPhone Configuration Utilities and remove the old , unused provision profile on your mac

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