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Functional & Non Functional

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System တခုအတွက် Functional & Non Functional အကြောင်း / Functional မှာ MoSCoW Prioritization အသုံးပြုပုံ Must Have, Should Have, Could Have and Won't Have ပြောပြပေးကြပါလား


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    Functional and non-functional requirements

    Functional requirements may be calculations, technical details, data manipulation and processing and other specific functionality that define what a system is supposed to accomplish.

    Here's the functional requirements for a online university library system.

    1. The user must able to search all books from database or select subset
    2. The system should provide appropriate view for user to read documents in document store.
    3. Every order should be allocated a unique identifier (may be Order_ID).
    4. User should be able to review for their rented books.

    Non-functional requirements are requirements that are not directly concerned with specific functions delivered by the system, and often called qualities of a system.

    In above online library system; following factors will be non-functional requirements.
    1. Reliability
    2. Cost
    3. Response Time. etc...

    MoSCoW Proritization

    MUST HAVE : Cannot deliver on target date without this

    In online library system, what is the main function?
    I think book searching, ordering, etc. Without it; our system will fail.

    SHOULD HAVE : Important but not vital.May be painful to leave out, but the solution is still viable.

    "The system should provide appropriate view for user to read documents in document store."
    "User should be able to review for their rented books."

    Above facts are "Should Have". Without those features, our system won't fail. But most of user will miss.

    COULD HAVE : Wanted or desirable but less important.

    It's mostly like SHOULD HAVE But it is less impact if left out (compared with a Should Have).

    WON'T HAVE : Won't have this time.

    These are requirements which the project team has agreed it will not deliver. They are recorded in the Prioritised Requirements List where they help clarify the scope of the project and to avoid being reintroduced ‘via the back door’ at a later date. This helps to manage expectations that some requirements will simply not make it into the delivered solution, at least not this time around.

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